INTERVIEW Germany | Kunst Berlin Heute — July 2017

Kira Bunse and Anna Schiffel portray the who’s who of Berlin's emerging art scene for the freshly redesigned Interview Germany... read more

  • Client Interview Germany
  • Photographer Kira Bunse
  • Talent Alexander Iskin, Carla Chan, Jeewi Lee, Lukas Glinkowski, Paris Giachoustidis
  • Stylist Anna Schiffel
  • Location Berlin
  • Year 2017
  • Service Local Service Production

Facing a changed environment compared to the 1990s, when space was cheap and the contemporary art scene less exposed, the artists discuss what freedom and creativity signify in Berlin in 2017. The team surrounding Kira Bunse travels to the German capital to visit the artists at their studios – hidden sanctuaries of freedom in the city centre or isolated spaces in remote locations. As the artists themselves lend their unique touch to the photographs, the portrait series is almost turned into an artwork itself.