Massimo Dutti | Walking Sunset — August 2021


  • Client Massimo Dutti
  • Photographer Chris Colls
  • Talent Alexandra Agoston
  • Stylist MARINA GALLO
  • Hair Tie Toyama
  • Make-Up Marion Robine
  • Manicure Anny Errandonea
  • Location Paris
  • Year 2021
  • Service Full Service Production

Monochromatic moves. Detail-oriented. Qualified for the unforeseen. An everyday uniform ready to meet your highest expectations.

Photographer Chris Colls and model Alexandra Agoston are a fashion industry dream team. He is one of the most sought-after photographers and she is an international model. Together, they are united by a love of photography, art and the pleasure of family life and shared dreams. – Massimo Dutti