Numéro Berlin | Run, Mia, Run — Issue 2

Sandy Kim photographs Mia Goth for the Cover of Numero Berlin… read more

  • Photographer Sandy Kim
  • Talent Mia Goth
  • Stylist Simon Rasmussen
  • Hair Cameron Rains
  • Make-Up Deanna Melluso
  • Location New York
  • Year 2017
  • Service Full Service Production

Numéro Berlin moves forward with its second issue and discusses the meaning of youth today with British actress Mia Goth. Raw, unfiltered, and ready to run, Goth embodies her strong views on the opportunities that youth offers, as well as the responsibilities. Photographed in Los Angeles, California, Sandy Kim and her team trigger Goth’s determined attitude, resulting in a series of portraits that are anything but artificial.